Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The situation in Zimbabwe has gotten out of hand and now demands a total Orange Revolution

Compatriots, the nation’s mood and its spirit are at the lowest level of all time once again. Barely a year after the 2013 July 31ST Election Grand Theft, Zimbabwe is on the verge of collapse, thanks to the clueless thugs and fraud liberation war heroes who are at the helm of power.

Compatriots, these rogue con-artists failed to deliver what the promised people during election campaigns. Local governments are collapsing, Chitungwiza being the latest, again thanks to the much recycled looter, a failure and a public menace Ignatius Chombo.

What surprises the people is that this Zanu PF government is investing much of its time on chasing shadowy characters like Baba Jukwa at a time when Zimbabwe is turmoil. Nothing is functioning in Zimbabwe, except for corruption.

Even its mercenaries of pen have run out of ideas. They can no longer defend their paymasters because they have nothing good to talk about Zanu PF. They have even run out of lies. They have nothing new to lie about to the Zimbabweans. People now know that ZIMASSET is a fraud document. People now know that more and more people are going to lose their jobs, instead of job creation, which Mugabe promised people. The list is endless.

Social rejects and mercenaries of pen like Psychology Maziwisa have resorted to ridiculing Tsvangirai day in and day out because they have got nothing better to write home about. They cannot tell Zimbabweans what the Zanu PF government of looters is going to do to alleviate their suffering. All what they write about is Tsvangirai’s love life as if Zimbabweans do not know. For goodness’ sake Zimbabweans already know that Tsvangirai is a confused womanizer and a political failure, so Zanu PF mercenaries of pen must give the public a rest.

Compatriots, with the rate at which the rot is going in Zimbabwe, I have, absolutely, no doubt that a revolution is on the horizon. Forget about 2018 elections, people will not endure to that time. By the end of this year, the people would have reached the threshold of suffering. Nothing is going to stop this Orange Revolution.

The time has come for Zimbabweans to fight a revolution of their time. The situation in Zimbabwe calls for a revolution; a people’s orange revolution. The rot that now obtains in Zimbabwe cannot be reversed through the niceties of formal or legalistic measures. In any constitutional democracy, the people are sovereign, not Mugabe, not his Zanu PF party and not his government.

In pursuit of this Orange revolution, we must all bear in mind and accept that it is our revolution that must be executed and led by Zimbabweans for Zimbabwe.

As long as Zanu PF continues to exist, it will also continue to impede the advancement of Zimbabwe and our people. As such, it must be wiped off the map. Compatriots, we have much work to do as a people. We know our history. The struggle for social justice, democracy and liberty can only be waged by men and women who are above bigotry.

For us in the Renewal Team, it was our responsibility to direct the people, to bring them back from the brink and to lead them into the future of reconstruction, unified efforts at nation building and the culture of work, legitimacy and discipline. Wining this revolution is going to be the basis on which we will build a new nationalism after years of atrophy, national shame and international ridicule.

There can never be any other capable orange revolution vanguard party than the Renewal Team.

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