Thursday, June 26, 2014

MDC Renewal Team

MDC Renewal Team will bury Zanu PF for good.

Zanu PF has remained a menace, a haven for maggots and social misfits whose ideas are bent on plunder, thievery and banditry at the detriment of so many. Compatriots, with the emergency of what is going to be one of Zimbabwe’s most formidable political movements, there is no doubt that Zanu Pf will be destroyed and buried.

Compatriots, here we have a progressive movement with leaders whose strength of character that they demonstrated, through their political life, came from their inner preparedness to give their best for the common good.

In months to come, Zimbabwe’s gruesome years of black on black oppression, since 1980, will come to an abrupt end. The people of Zimbabwe will act. They shall be instigators and authors of their own Orange Revolution. Yes in our time.

We cannot continue to live as if everything is okay, while our people stagnate in abject poverty. We cannot continue to be treated as Zanu PF pets in a country full of able bodied, honest men and women.

Meanwhile, it has been heartbreaking to hear, this afternoon, how NIKUV, working with the Ministry of Defence rigged the 2013 election, thanks to the expertise of a software engineer and hacker Edmund Kudzayi. This 28 year old Kudzayi who looks like a 58 year dhara is a very dangerous opportunist and mercenary of pen. I have no sympathy for him. Not at all.

I exposed his double standards a year ago after he posted a comment in which he blamed the British for knighting Mugabe who he believes slaughtered thousands of our people in Matebeleland, only for him to publish an article weeks later defending Mugabe’s Gukurahundi evilness.

I had so many encounters with this dullard called Amai Jukwa. At one point I was one of the agents of change who was responsible for counter attacking propaganda from Zanu PF’s Herald, when Edmund Kudzayi sent me an email to say “we are going to trim your wings”. Weeks later, they introduced moderation on Herald-Online and I was subsequently blocked from commenting on any their online social forums.

Edmund and Psycho, then launched the Team Zanu PF facebook in which I was also entirely blocked from debating their propaganda.

What surprised me is that, at the time when I was in touch with the BJ syndicate, for the obviously reasons of advancing the interests and protection my then MDC-T party, major sources who supplied  information to the syndicate were from the Shake-Shake house. Among the sources, Kundayi, Psychology and Jonathan Moyo featured prominently. Their information was dished through a middleman. At first I could not believe it given the political on slaughter, which was often directed at Tsvangirai and MDC-T by these thugs.

As days went by towards the elections, I then got a stray email from one of the syndicate operatives, which I am sure was not meant for me as it was addressed as “Hey OD can you confirm infor from Psycho that Zanu PF evil forces are after toasting Chindori”. I replied, cant confirm, whats your take on it”. He replied, its imminent the slaughter room as been prepared according to Psycho” end the conversation. Weeks later, Chindori Chininga was involved in one of the many mysterious accidents, which involve our politicians, especially the voices of reason.

My counter with BJ also enlightened me on several issues including those of my then MDC-T, which I fought so hard for. I realised that we also had mercenaries in MDC-T. On one of my correspondences with BJ, he/she sent me a message to say “Hie MJ, how much do you know Shelton Hwende? I replied, “Not that much but I have known him since 1999 through the late Learnmore Jongwe. BJ responded, “Please tell him to contact me asap before midnight, ndine nyaya yake”. I responded, “I will. I then emailed Hwende, but he never responded. BJ then emailed me to say “Haa MJ nyaya yake ndaakuibvondora, in which I said to BJ “what kind of a story is it”. At first he/she didn’t want to share but then he later told me that it involves his Zanu PF shenanigans with Chamisa. At this juncture, I defended the two tooth and nail. I told BJ that this is not gonna be, and that I was going to be extremely unhappy if he/she does.

Weeks later, Pschology Maziwisa posted a comment on his profile in which he was chiding MDC-T youths to the effect that “Vamwe murikungo shandiswa neMDC-T vana Chamisa wakangwara warikudya neZanu PF, uchambomunzwa kutaura”

Compatriots, we have to remain steadfast and invest our support on those who care to listen to us.

Orange must be our way of life. Let us all be the authors of this orange revolution, execute it the way we want, define our own chapters and the bibliography of our lives.

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