Friday, October 11, 2013

International Criminal Court (ICC) Pull Out

Where will these people get justice?

Residents of Kanungu Village in Uganda

The danger, of pulling out of ICC is that the people of Africa will never get a better justice solution from anywhere in Africa. The hypocrisy with Africa originates from their condoning of anarchy and political murders.
We have witnessed evil forces in Zimbabwe, Sudan, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda to name just but a few operating outside the boundaries of law and invested heavily in anarchy and political murders as a means to the acquisition of power and the actualization of their megalomaniac appetite.
However, Africa has never done anything and it will never do anything as a collective force to stop the rot. It’s in the public domain that Africa has failed time and again – from ECOWAS, OAU now AU, SADC, Panapress etc – nothing has ever materialise from these African institutions.  
I have always had reservations with the ICC especially with regards to bias when it comes to summoning criminals to court, but hey, where is Africa going to get a better justice solution?
Organisations in Africa have condoned political murders and torture by other ruthless leaders, because for them, the survival of a fellow dictator takes premium over the lives and well being of the country's people, and the long term security interest of the continent.

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