Sunday, December 28, 2014

Robert Mugabe Junior has found love.

One could forgive him for being a son of one of the most hated men in Zimbabwe, but Robert Junior is, like any other young man, showing his prowess in dating light skinned women. In Robert Jnr, former Premier Morgan Tsvangirai has found his match.  Tsvangirai is well known for his love of light skinned women and for his habit as a serial dater.
Robert jnr (middle) with his sweetheart on the left
Robert Jnr found his love in Dubai where he is enrolled at American University of Sharjah. He is dating Fatin Al Zadjali, his university sweetheart believed to be a daughter of a business mogul from Oman. Nevertheless, his father Mugabe Snr is said to have objected to Robert’s relationship with his Oman sweetheart but his mother Grace “Gucci” Mugabe has endorsed the relationship.

Licking the lollipop: He is a young man, and he does things that any other young man would do.
Donning his boy friend's baseball cap, Fatin looks amazing. Soon to be part of the Gushungo Royal family
Fatin’s father has shops in Dubai where Grace does most of her shopping and often gets discounts hence her endorsement to Robert’s relationship with Fatin. Robert Mugabe Snr is insisting that his son marries someone from Zimbabwe like what his sister did. Robert Mugabe jnr’s sister Bona Chikore who, through arranged marriage, married a Simba Chikore from Zimbabwe early this year.
Robert jnr on his sweetheart's Facebook profile picture 
One of the Mugabes family members who requested to remain anonymous said: “the old man will not stand a chance, Grace will always have her way. She says the last word. I am not going to be surprised if Robert Junior marries Fatin next year”.  
Evidence of Grace's control over Mugabe was there for all to see during the congress held from December 2-7.
Addressing the congregate, Mugabe got carried away when he took to the stage to dissolve the Zanu PF central committee and started lecturing delegates about the liberation struggle. Grace intervened by writing a note advising him to take his seat, but after reading the note, he announced to delegates that his wife had advised to stop talking, leaving her embarrassed.
“My wife has written a note; she says I’m talking too much. That’s how I am treated even at home, so I must listen,” he said.
Besides revealing that Grace was running the show at his house and now in the party, Mugabe also showed that he had no control over Grace when she forced him to call for a rerun of the central committee elections for Mashonaland East province.
This was after Grace vehemently rejected the list of members that was presented to congress by former chairperson Simon Khaya Moyo.
Wish you all the best Robert and Fatin.

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