Monday, July 21, 2014

MDC Renewal Team: An authentic union of action and reflection.

A couple of months ago, I walked away from the MDC-T and never to come back again. My departure had to do with my opposition to an attempt by the rogue leadership to promote its narrow interest as opposed to the interest of its supporters. I have held the view from the time I became conscious of my duty as a cadre of the movement that the interest of our supporters is fundamental to the legitimacy of any movement and that all attempts to subordinate that interest to the narrow one of bootlicking is irresponsible and shortsighted. This is because movements of bootlicking are transitory but the people and nation are permanent entities.

The height of ignorance, arrogance and bootlicking reached alarming levels such that any level headed, honest men and women could not tolerate, but to walk away. Those of us who were quick to read between the lines eventually left to pursue the struggle from another front. We never wanted to be part of the charade. Our political culture allows for sycophancy because of the peculiar nature of our political history. This is a country where charlatans follow the most despicable individuals as long as these individuals can offer the trappings of officialdom. We have seen it in Zanu PF since 1980. In Zanu PF they glorify ignorance, arrogance, butchery and thievery.

For our country to be in this tragedy, it’s because of our political culture, which allows for sycophancy. Sycophancy has become as deadly as corruption itself. In fact, it is sycophancy which breeds corruption.

Compatriots, the emergency of the Renewal Team will see to it that this will be a thing of the past. We are creating a movement that Zimbabwe has never seen before, a movement that will allow everyone the tenacity and courage to act differently from how other people in other political establishments in our country act. The Renewal Team will lobby its people for an Orange Revolution against a government that promotes the bastardisation of our economy, and also a government that strives on banditry. If there is anything that I wish for, or wish to achieve before I die, it is the total disbandment of Zanu PF, wiping it off the map and condemn it to the dustbin of history as one of the most ruthless and notorious political groupings in Zimbabwe. It must be banned and labelled a terrorist organisation that has terroritised its citizen without remorse for so many years.

Zimbabwe is full of resources. Instead of utilising the resources for the betterment of our people, Mugabe and his gang of thieves are amassing every proceed from our resources for the betterment of their families. Do these thugs have a clue of how many people are suffering? Do they know that instead of looting, we can barter our resources for the building of roads, the construction of dams for the generation of electricity, the provision of agricultural inputs, the clearance of slums and the building of decent housing for the people, sustaining our health service and other social structures?

Our people are desperate and we must provide the necessary economic environment for them to leapfrog into a future of collective advancement and economic self-reliance.

In the Renewal Team, we will take very opportunity to conscientise our people, our youth, particularly the student population on what deformed our economic yesterday and what we need to do today for the revival of our economy. A conscientised generation is one that is able to confront and engage with those ideas and practices that stunted the path of progress and development of the community. They must get a different insight into the causes of our national tragedy whether through political writings or literature as the future they shape will depend on the consciousness that they garner through reading, research and exploration.

In the Renewal Team, we will never do it alone, but with the people, for the people and Zimbabwe at large. We will engage our people in the diaspora. We cannot keep some of our best brains languishing in foreign lands while national debates for future direction go on without their inputs. The Renewal Team will never keep some of our best brains languishing in foreign countries while national debates for future direction are being debated by the Chinotimbas of this world. This is clearly a waste of human resources.

Dear friends, we are doing a disservice to Zimbabwe, by letting geriatrics, the Chinhoyi Rock Diesel and Gamatox misfits run our country. Our government ministries are headed by proven incompetent geriatrics who are clueless, whilst the proven and much younger technocrats like Dr Nkhosana Moyo, who was forced but he refused to lick Mugabe’s backside, is sitting somewhere watching from a far. Serious national issues are being discussed in parliament by grade seven dropouts, whilst our youths with masters degrees are roaming the streets selling airtime vouchers by the traffic lights.

Compatriots, those who want to travel with us, are welcome aboard.

The Renewal Team: An authentic union of action and reflection.

Hasta la Victoria Siempre (Until the Eternal Victory)

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