Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Stanley Goreraza, Robert Mugabe’s de facto brother-in-law divorces again

Grace “Gucci” Mugabe’s former husband, Stanley Goreraza, is divorcing his wife, Tamara, according to High Court of Zimbabwe records, Majaira Jairosi Blog can reveal. Please see rare pictures of Stanley.

Stanley and Tamara in happier times

Stanley and Tamara in happier times

Stanley and Tamara in India where he was condemned to by Mugabe
Goreraza is divorcing his wife, Tamara Mary Stevenson Goreraza, a mechanical engineer, however finer details of the divorce were not immediately available, nor was the outcome of the court hearing.
Goreraza, an Air Force of Zimbabwe wing commander, who is now believed to be Zimbabwe’s Defence attaché to India, filed for divorce five years ago and the case was heard by High Court judge Justice Lavender Makoni on December 2 this year.

In the High Court of Zimbabwe held at Harare, Wednesday 2 December 2015, before Makoni J C at 10:00 am Motion Roll
Tamara early this year
Grace "Gucci"

Goreraza was Grace’s first husband and the couple had a son, Russell.

Although it is believed that Grace was snatched from Goreraza, then a junior air force officer by ruthless Robert Mugabe, before he was banished to China as a defence attaché where he has been based for more than two decades, Mugabe insists that Grace was a divorcee when he started dating her while his late Ghanaian wife, Sally, was battling with a kidney ailment that eventually killed her in 1992.

Grace worked as a typist in the typing pool in President Mugabe’s office before she was elevated to become his private secretary.

Goreraza’s divorce case might have taken long to conclude because he is permanently based abroad.

Some people have suggested that this could be a preparation for reunion. In life, everything is possible.

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