Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Point-by-point response to Mugabe’s Tokyo hallucinations

“You just go to Zimbabwe now and ask the people whether I should stand down. They will be angry with you.”
Felex Share in TOKYO,

Japan President Mugabe yesterday said anyone unhappy with his constitutional stay in power should condemn the people of Zimbabwe as they are the ones who gave him the mandate to govern the country since 1980, adding that his successor should be people ­oriented and someone ready to defend the country from latter­-day neo-­colonialism being propelled by the West.

Mugabe, stop lying to people because this will not help. It’s very insulting to take Zimbabweans for fools. Your route to a long and menacing stay in power is a simple one to find. The path to your grip on power is laid and still lies through the carcasses of our people. In the 80’s you were an accomplice in the slaughtering of our people in Matebeleland where you, according to Dan Stannard then CIO chief who worked closely with Emmerson Mnangagwa, killed almost 50 000 innocent people. As if that was not enough, in 2008, you also attempted to murder or you gave orders for the massacre of thousands of our people. In the end, almost 500 people were butchered under your watch, and today you want to lie to us that people have been voting for you. You can only tell that to your children or crooked and supposedly learned people like Professor Jonathan Moyo and Professor Charity Manyeruke.

Speaking in a wide ­ranging interview with Japanese journalists here yesterday, President Mugabe said health permitting, he would stand as the Zanu­PF presidential candidate in 2018 if the people decided so. “He (successor) must be a good leader all the time, a leader who is people oriented,” said President Mugabe, “a leader who listens to the voices of the people, who takes care of the people, who thinks of the people before he thinks of himself. He should be a leader who is really directed and governed by the wishes of the people. This is what I have tried to be. This is what our Government has tried to be.”

You have dismally failed to act like someone who listens to the voices of the people let alone take care of the people. Instead who have condemned people to death, brutalised them and urinated on their hopes. You think, only, about yourself. In fact, Jonathan Moyo once said “What is now clear is that Mugabe believes he needs not two but at least five more years in power which he hopes will translate into a lifetime of his rule to secure immunity from likely prosecution for his alleged human rights violations and other indiscretions”.
All what the government has tried to do for the past 36 years is looting resources meant for the development of the country and the betterment of our people. These unfortunate and gross accounts of daylight robbery by you and your crooks come to mind:

·         Willowgate motor Industry rampant looting.
·         Amendment of the then constitution to necessitate illegal farm allocation to none, but your cronies.
·         Grand Theft of War Veterans Funds in which Mujuru’s doctor declared 90% disability for the former vice president.
·         Mismanagement and the subsequent looting of GMB monies by Kumbirai Kangai to fund ZanuPF bigwigs’ lifestyle.
·         Massive looting of the National Housing Scheme by Enoc Chikowore to fund Zanu PF elites.
·         Daylight robbery of City of Harare by Solomon Tawengwa in order to prop up the Zanu PF regime.
·         Looting of DRC Diamonds for personal gratification, in which our soldiers perished in vain.
·         Looting of white farmers machinery, such as tractors, harvesters and livestock in the name of land redistribution.
·         Allocation of multiple farmers to most crooks in Zanu PF
·         The Chiyadzwa-Marange diamond grand theft of all time. People will never forget.
·         The looting of Air Zimbabwe and ZBC

President Mugabe added: “When we waged the struggle it was a people struggle for the freedom of our people and that should remain the objective of the leaders in the future. (He needs) to be people oriented to push that the people remain as free as possible and defend and protect them against any outsider.” To lead the country for the past 36 years, President Mugabe said, was because of Zimbabweans who successively elected him to drive their empowerment agenda. President Mugabe said anyone with a problem with the decision of the majority was free to criticise them “if they don’t like my long stay in power they should criticise my people, I do not vote for myself into power,” he said.
Now this is totally bonkers “successively elected to drive their empowerment agenda”. Thousands of young and old Zimbabweans have left the country to settle in other countries, is that empowerment. Is giving privilege to people like Saviour Kasukuwere, Patrick Zhuwao and other politicians related to you, the right to loot at the expense of the masses empowerment?

“You just go to Zimbabwe now and ask the people whether I should stand down. They will be angry with you.” Asked if he was fit for the Presidency at the moment and in 2018, President Mugabe said: “At the moment I am the President that’s why (I am here). Do you see me as not fit? Why not contest two years later? “Two years later is no time but only God knows what will happen in two years’ time, 2018, I don’t know, it will depend. If I am fit enough, yes, but If I am not fit enough I will not. My people will want me to be a candidate and they have already nominated me as a candidate for 2018.” President Mugabe said Zimbabwe abounded with ivory and Government would ensure it benefits everyone. “We have got elephants and they carry ivory and I want that ivory to benefit Zimbabwe. So I will comply with the rules set for us to trade in ivory,” he said.

Mugabe people are angrier with your senility and continued stay in power at 92. At 92, what new ideas do you want to implement now, which you failed to implement in your prime age. Another stupid lie is that you want ivory to benefit Zimbabwe, but again, people never benefited from the diamonds, but only you and your crooks.

Soon and very soon, life will serve it’s own justice, regardless of who is judged first, you or me. Ndatenda.

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