Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Grace Mugabe and Sarah Mahoka: The tale of two typists who have gone too far

Grace Mugabe: Typist 1
Sarah Mahoka: Typist 2

It now appears certain that factionalism is ripping Zanu PF apart and that things might turn ugly if this problem persists. Now, my main concern is that factionalism in Zanu PF has not only become an impediment to our country's progress, be it, economically, socially and politically, but it has also become menace and a serious concern for our national security.

Here, I am arguing that Mugabe's divide and rule tactics, which he has used over the past 36 years will, if the situation is not handled well, create despondency and necessitate the breeding of malcontents within Mugabe's securocrats and liberation war veterans.

Mugabe's wife, Grace, recently made utterances, which can only be interpreted as an attempt to demean and to dismiss war veterans as undeserving and a spent force was unwarranted. Saviour Kasukuwere, Grace and Mugabe's blue eyed boy has, in the past, described war veterans as drunkards in another statement, which was meant to cheapen war veterans including the likes of Augustine Chihuri, Constantine Chiwenga, Perence Shiri, just to mentioned a few.

Compatriots, considering that Grace appears to be vying for presidency, is this not a recipe for a civil war considering that war veterans have, in the past, vowed that they will never salute anyone without liberation war credentials. Ok then, if not by waging a war how are they going to stop her?

 In Victoria Falls, Mugabe warned services chiefs against delving into politics, well only when it comes to Zanu PF and the First Family. Is it because he received intelligence warning him about securocrats' possible backing of "Team La Coste" President Emmerson Mnangagwa? Is Mugabe not pushing securocrats and war veterans too far this time considering that he has allowed his two typists Grace and Sarah Mahoka to trample mercilessly on war veterans? 

Consider Mahoka calling a whole VP Mnangagwa a duck, Grace undressing Joyce Mujuru and Didymus Mutasa. Compatriots, I mean Mnangagwa and Didymus Mutasa were once our nation's spy supremos and now they are being trampled on, just like that, by typists. That alone, could be a recipe for grooming malcontents within Mugabe's securocrats and war veterans, that is if we still have genuine war veterans.

Fellow countrymen, given the current succession race, don't you think that, one way or another, our national security is compromised and under serious threat? Say if Mnangagwa, Mutasa, Dabengwa decide that they have had enough of rubbish from Mugabe, surely, we will have another Banyamulenge in Zimbabwe.

I know some will argue that in the past Mugabe has successfully purged CIO Margaret Dongo, CIO Supremo Dumiso Dabengwa, the late Edgar Tekere and others who met unexplained deaths, without any consequences, but for how long?

God forbid, if Mugabe was to go today, will Saviour Kasukuwere, Jonathan Moyo, Sarah Mahoka and Patrick Zhuwao protect Grace Mugabe and her empire? Will Joyce Mujuru continue to live as muroyi veDotito? and will the crocodile continue to live as a lizard or a lame duck?

Chokwadi nerimwe zuva gava richadambura musungo

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