Sunday, January 18, 2015

When crooks are in-charge

The much revered murderer and Chinhoyi diesel rock maestro is giving the despotic nonagenarian sleepless nights and a hard time. One can tell by Mugabe’s desperation, which is reflected on daily basis in the Zanu PF’s information department extension – The Herald, which is now on Didymus Mutasa’s case left, right and centre.

Zanu PF’s information department under the editorship of a Botswana deportee and Jonathan Moyo’s scribe toy one Ceaser Zvayi is now telling us that the Chinhoyi diesel rock maestro was an agent of the colonial British South Africa Police special branch and that Mutasa gave 15 farms to his wives and lovers.

The case presented later by Mugabe’s mercenaries of pen is very interesting. Compatriots, this is what we have always argued that the current crooks who masquerade as liberation war heroes embarked on a disastrous land grabbing policy only for the benefit of their kith and kin. But Mugabe and his misfits have always denied this and now they are telling us that Mutasa gave 15 farms to his wives and girlfriends.

Compatriots, it reminds me of an argument put up by a friend of mine, who I once respected and admired until he started diagnosing people with HIV +.  In his argument on a round table discussion organised by the Media Centre, Job Sihkala charged that  the money allocated to the ministry of youth meant for projects was parcelled out to, mostly, Saviour Kasukuwere’s close associates and his girlfriends, and that none of the ordinary people benefited from it. Reading today’s story about Mutasa’s in the Zanu PF controlled Sunday Mail, I could not help it but agree with what Sikhala had to say.

The question now fellow Zimbabweans is; how many more cases of corruption and plunder are these crooks hiding from us. Does it mean that as long as the thugs within Zanu PF continue to lick Mugabe’s back side, our people will never know how much was stolen from them? Surely, I cannot wait for the day when the likes of Obert “The Obedient Son” Mpofu, Ignatius Chombo and Emmerson Mnangagwa are going to fall out with Mugabe.

One thing for sure my brothers and sisters is that for us to have the Zimbabwe we want, we must first stop these crooks. Whether we want it or not, the onus is now on us to make sure that we have liberated ourselves from these idiots. Like I have always said, we owe it to posterity. Stopping these crooks does not mean we have wait for 2018 elections neither does it mean we have to be violent.

We don’t need to wait for elections because they will give us nothing as long as fraudsters and mercenaries like Ari Ben-Menashe and Paul Calder LeRoux who were part of the Nikuv syndicate are still receiving loyalties from Zanu PF. Violence but a peaceful mass protest will not be acceptable unless if needs be. I say unless needs be, because we will never allow Zanu PF’s Border Gezi trained militias in ZNA and ZRP to brutalise our peaceful protestors.

Compatriots, Zanu PF is now at its weakest point and we must take each and every opportunity to hit it where it hurts most.

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