Sunday, January 18, 2015

Mugabe too old and tired

"On offer is the self-indulgent leadership of President Mugabe who is now too old despite his photogenic makeup, has become very tired, visionless and beleaguered. Mugabe remains in office not because he is in charge of the goings-on in the wider society but largely if not only because of considerations of his personal and family security in a world that is increasingly becoming hostile to former heads of state with unresolved human rights and corruption issues during their rule" ( Zanu PF Minister of Information and Publicity, Professor Jonathan Moyo)
"It is not helpful, Mr President, at age 86 to seek, by one means or another, to retain the presidency of a country you have already badly run for thirty years and left in a ruinous state. It is not helpful either to proudly declare that if ZANU PF calls on me to stand for another term I shall gladly do so"(Zanu PF Deputy Director of Information, Psychology Maziwisa).
"Mr President, I implore you, in the circumstances, to find it within yourself to recognise the gravity of the crisis caused by yourself and those who had nothing to lose but everything to gain from your repressive rule. The starting point for this, Mr President, is that you swiftly prepare for your exit while helping prepare our country for the coming of democracy" (Zanu PF Deputy Director of Information, Psychology Maziwisa).

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