Thursday, April 11, 2013

To expect that a 90 year old nursing home candidate will win a free and fair election is tantamount to nursing a foolish hope.

To expect that a 90 year old nursing home candidate will win a free and fair election is tantamount to nursing a foolish hope.

Here are the reasons why Mugabe will be battered by Tsvangirai in the next elections beyond recognition:

Mugabe has been in power for 33 years since Zimbabwe won independence in 1980, with very little to show for all these years except massive corruption, maladministration, oppression, mass murder, and plotting assassination against his own colleagues.

Ian Smith left him a country full of honey and milk and better infrastructure in which he had the opportunity to develop further.  Instead he and his marauding gang of thieves shamelessly looted the resources and the tax payers’ money destined for the betterment of the ordinary Zimbabweans to line their pockets and build mansions. The people of Zimbabwe will never forget.

Age wise, Mugabe is almost 90 years old. Honestly, who in their right mind will vote for a 90 year old candidate who by now could have been living in a nursing home? Some people do not really understand what it is being 90. Those who endorsed Mugabe are either complete idiots or some weak minded bootlickers. No sane people would reach such an ill-advised and totally stupid decision, considering that Mugabe failed the nation at his prime age. So what makes one think that at 90, he is now endowed with new ideas and strategies to save our country from being a paralysis.  

Recycling dead wood: Zimbabweans are just fed up, they are fed up to the bone with Mugabe continuously re-appointing incompetent, very corrupt and clueless dead wood ministers. These ministers have failed to deliver now and again but Mugabe is so blinded by these so called ideals of the liberation struggle that no matter how useless these ministers are, he keeps on assigning them to very crucial ministries. Very good examples are, Sydney Sekeramayi, Ignatius Chombo and Emmerson Mnangagwa, for God’s sake what have they done for Zimbabwe except looting from the very same people who voted for them. These ministers have now become filthy reach beyond explanation. To think that the people of Zimbabwe will still vote for the same people is just as good as hallucinating or day dreaming.

Consider this: did our fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters perished in the second Chimurenga war in order for Mugabe and his cronies to get rich. Was it because they wanted Robert Mugabe jnr, Chatunga Mugabe and Bona Mugabe to own mineral mines in DRC and one farm each in Zimbabwe whilst the sons and daughters of freedom fighters lying somewhere in shallow graves are wallowing in absolute poverty. The people of Zimbabwe, the next elections are a true test of history that will stand to judge the current people in Zanu PF who we believe have betrayed the masses as a result of greediness and ruthlessness.

Those who were born on the 18 of April will be turning 33 this month and they have only known one leader that is Mugabe. Many of this generation are the ones flooding Baba Jukwa’s Facebook platform asking questions of why would any level headed Zimbabwean let this happen. They can’t just understand it and this is why they are seeking answers from Baba Jukwa a Zanu PF official who has surpassed Dzikamai Mavhaire and the late Eddison Zvobgo’s outspokenness to the much amazement of those in Zanu PF and MDC-T. If you look next door, Zambia has had Kenneth Kaunda, Frederick Chiluba, Levy Mwanawasa, Rupiah Banda and now Michael Sata as presidents when Zimbabwe is still stuck with Mugabe. Is it that because we bonkers or what?

Someone very neutral needs to answer this: Are Zimbabweans bonkers in putting up with a tyrant for 33 years or there is something more than just being bonkers. Baba Jukwa’s facebook profile is a master piece and the only Zimbabwean’s most ever political platform of the year where one can judge the people’s mood as far as their perceptions of the current political situation is concerned. The people are fed up with Mugabe period. Go to Mai Jukwa’s profile a pro Mugabe platform; you will see that it has been deserted. The only comments you will ever find are those of disgruntled Zimbabweans hurling insults on her and most of them are deleted before anyone reads them.

The people of Zimbabwe are just fed up and will never forget. Hezvo!!!!!


Anonymous said...

This is awesome. In my life i used to hv fear tlking politics but ever snce i met heros like u. I developed strength fo change, to change Zimbabwe. By the way i ws born 81

Anonymous said...

AS always you hit the nail on the head ,many thanks