Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Child victims of Zanu PF’s fire Armageddon

Nqobani Moyo (8 years) was the only survivor out of three family members who were the occupants of a thatched hut when it was set on fire in the Seshanke area of Nkayi in Matabeleland North in an attack launched by members of Robert Mugabe’s Zanu-PF party

Christpowers Simbarashe Maisiri, the 12 year old boy who died after the hut he was sleeping in was set on fire by  Zanu-PF members in Headlands.

Mashoko Mamhova (6 years)
Mashoko died when the house he was sleeping in was set on fire by Zanu PF supporters led by Hubert Nyanhongo (MP). For a wad of worthless Zimbabwean banknotes President Mugabe’s militias burnt six-year-old Nyasha Mashoko to death.  The target of the Zanu (PF) thugs had been the boy’s father, Brian Mamhova. They came for him on Friday night — three truckloads of them, plus a Mercedes Benz from which alighted three armed men in suits, Mr Mamhova said. The militiamen had been promised Z$25 trillion (£12,500) to kill him.

Arnold Mosterd (16 years) *his death was not as a result of fire, but it is just striking to see Mutasa’s involvement in child deaths*
A 16 year old Arnold Mosterd died after being beaten by Zanu PF supporters who accused him of supporting the MDC. Arnold was killed after he had asked for his outstanding wages from his previous employer a local Zanu PF Chairman Harry Munetsi. The seven people who killed Arnold where arrested by the police but Didymus Mutasa MP ordered their release three days later.

Tonderayi Zireni (3years)
Was burnt to death after Zanu PF youths set on fire the hut he was sleeping in, in Zimunya Mutare.

Brighton Mabwera (4 years)
On the night of April 17 2008 Zanu PF youths lead by a neighbourhood watch policeman called Manyika assaulted Britghton's father and mother who fled during the attack leaving Brighton aged 4 years sleeping in their hut. On realizing that their victims had escaped they set the hut on fire and Brighton was burnt to death inside the hut.

*Please note that Christpower Maisiri and Arnold Mosterd’s deaths are linked to Mutasa’s ruthlessness*

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