Monday, March 18, 2013

Some Chiefs Will Sink With Zanu PF Titanic

The recent threatening of chiefs by Mugabe at the official opening of the Annual Chiefs’ Conference in Masvingo was very mischievous and unwarranted.
Mugabe has been shamelessly using the chiefs as his puppets, in toy-toying the impoverished and downtrodden peasants in rural areas to polling stations for the past three decades. Some traditional chiefs have ignorantly become Mugabe’s ruthless agents of oppression by acting as coercing stooges of his brutal Zanu PF regime. Others have adamantly refused to be used.
Now, Mugabe has gone on a crusade of intimidating those enlightened chiefs who have refused to be sodomised by him. In actual fact, these chiefs have strongly denied being part of the regime of nonentities and scoundrels which now hovers between abject paralysis and mass destruction. These unfortunate threats and utterances against traditional chiefs only serve to isolate Mugabe and his clique and expose their cynicism and recklessness.
Mugabe is accusing the chiefs of being fronts for former white farmers and he regrettably threatened that those who are doing as such must beware. Knowing Mugabe, those accused chiefs must take his threat very seriously, but they must also live in the comfort that the people of Zimbabwe are by their side. When a chicken wants to eat its eggs it starts by accusing them of looking like and smelling like big peanuts. Now that the people know, we will keep vigilant and make sure that the chiefs targeted by Mugabe and his cronies do not fall prey to these monstrous Zanu PF goons. If they do then Mugabe will be held responsible.
As we have seen in one Chief Negomo, Mugabe has encouraged stupid and unprincipled chiefs to be a menace and a total disgrace to their subjects and Zimbabwe as a whole. Chief Negomo is irrational and unintelligent, for he has no defining parameter to determine what is humanly unacceptable.
The tragedy for the people of Zimbabwe is that they live in a country dominated by men who are comfortable being chiefs of empty and paralysed villages. Most of the chiefs, especially in Mashonaland East were accomplices in the brutalisation and victimisation of villagers by callous zombies in the service of a repressive Zanu PF regime. We must never allow this to happen, ever again.
Chief Charumbira (Fortune Charumbira) who is Chiefs council President openly supports Zanu PF and Mugabe who has sanctioned debauchery, infamy and terror on defenceless peasants in 2008. Ironically, Fortune does not see anything bad about a regime that dehumanises the human personality by its brutality and terror. People like Fortune and Lucias Chitsimbe must be reminded that they are accomplices of heinous crimes committed by the Mugabe regime, and as such, we will probe into the madness which allowed a handful of misfits to destroy an entire country and murder defenceless villagers in 2008.
In his article: Crisis of communal leadership: post colonial local government reform and administrative conflict with traditional authority in communal areas in Zimbabwe 1980 – 2008, Dr Godfrey Tabona Ncube warned that chiefs have lost their historical role as custodians of tradition and culture, and that they have become political agents and puppets of the post-colonial state, who now frequently participate in the oppression of their subjects.
Indeed most of the chiefs have become thieves and agents of backwardness. Lucias attempted a daylight robbery when he, in hallucination, demanded US$ 1 million from Pip Mattison after summoning him to appear in a traditional court for destroying a maize field. He is the same man who had the audacity to summon Zimbabwe’s Prime Minister and the next President of Zimbabwe, to his Zanu PF jungle court for a matter that was a personal issue to the PM and he had no business in it.  Thief Negomo is a nuisance parasite designed to swindle people of their hard earned fortune on behalf of Zanu PF.
On the other hand, Fortune was busy making an attempt to rob the Tongaat Hullet Company when he summoned its directors to a traditional court after they failed to turn up for an all stakeholders’ conference on the Masvingo Community Ownership Share Trust last year. His intentions were to swindle the Tongaat Hullet Company by forcing it to pay “a fine” in millions for failing to turn up. Fortune also wanted to rob Accacia Motors of its labour by refusing to pay a US$2 500 debt owed to the Harare garage following repairs done on his motor vehicles. Proprietors of Accacia Motors had to take the matter to the High Court seeking an order compelling the traditional leader to pay up.
This is the calibre of some of our traditional Chiefs and surprisingly, Mugabe has successfully convinced such outfits that chiefs are an extension of Zanu PF and that he (Mugabe) can grant them all the powers on earth to do whatever they want. All this is happening after Mugabe ruthlessly withdrew monthly allowances for Chief Ziki of Bikita District and Chief Sengwe of Chiredzi District, both in the southern Masvingo Province for allegedly backing the MDC-T party in 2008.
With only a few miles left to reach the Promised Land, what some of these chiefs who are behaving like lunatics need to realise is that what goes around comes around. It is entirely up to them to remain aboard a sinking old Zvimba designed vessel or to jump onto a sailing and modern designed Buhera yacht. Foward with Tsvangirai!!!!.



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