Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mai Jukwa is a cunning Zanu PF troll on Mugabe's payroll

Exclusive update on my Amai Jukwa, the Zanu PF thug who sings for his daily meal non stop.
The day Edmund Kudzayi left his location button on.

Indeed Jonathan Moyo is not Mai Jukwa. This parasite called my Mai Jukwa is based in United Kingdom and is on Zanu PF payroll. During the day he supports Mugabe because he knows where his bread is buttered, during the night he is very critical of him and wants to see his back. Consider this: he wrote an article (Gukurahundi was not genocide) in which he defended the Gukukurahundi atrocities only months after he had posted a comment on The Telegram on a story “Syria: Assad's father-in-law compares Syrian uprising to London riots .” This is what he said;

“What hopeless hypocrites the British are. The Saudi Arabian regime is an ally of the British, are they a democracy? An emphatic no! Do they respect women's rights or homosexual rights? 
Their laws enshrine and legitimise gruesome human rights abuses. People are beheaded, arms are hacked off, women are flogged, all this in the name of Allah. But we hear no demands that they step down. None at all. Why? 

The answer is simple to any objective observer. The British are hypocrites. If they stand to gain from injustice they will support it. This is why Mugabe was knighted after butchering 20 000 people in Matebeleland. It is only after he decided to give back land to blacks that he became the demon the Telegraph and British are so desperate to exorcise.” 

As a British resident he also commented on a BT forum on a report titled: We’re making BT Infinity even faster – at no extra cost! In which he wrote:
Those complaining about slow speeds in rural areas are being silly. There are benefits that come with living in rural areas in the same way there are disadvantages. One major disadvantage is that you do NOT benefit from economies of scale. Why do many people in rural areas have to rely on road delivered oil for their heating? Simply because in such sparsely populated areas you cannot economically justify rolling out an investment that connects gas to each home. You would never get the money back. No business in its right mind goes out of its way to lose money. This is the exact same issue with broadband providers. When these guys do the arithmetic it is clear such an investment is not justified. Your best bet is a government subsidy or the advancement of and a nationwide roll-out of 4G technology. If this really was about incompetence or unfairness on the part of BT why doesn't a competitor just come and scoop away all you unhappy customers? Simple answer. They too have done the arithmetic.”

He has a brother and he is the last born. Amai wake wanoyera Moyo.


Anonymous said...

Mai Jukwa is a fraud who is being promoted by Zanu PF through Jonathan Moyo. I thought he lives in Deland, Florida.

Anonymous said...

if a person difers with yoview onzi ari papayroll vakomana

Anonymous said...

We know who it is, its Mthulisi Mathuthu