Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mnangagwa turns funeral to a platform for inciting violence

                      Leya could you please intervene, your father in-law is losing the plot!!!

Using the name of God to incite violence should be condemned in the strongest possible terms. If Zimbabwe is truly liberated, then it should be a land of opportunity for all not a few political heavy weights. Mnangagwa’s violence incitation at the burial of the late ZANU PF Deputy Secretary for Economic affairs in the Midlands Province, Thug Augustine Max Madharani who died in a motor vehicle accident along the Zhombe road, was unwarranted. In a true democratic state, Mnangagwa would have been arrested.
In this video (01:10 – 01:20) Mnangagwa could be heard saying and I quote:  “Ini ndichiti, anenge akanganisa, otorera nhaka yawakapihwa naJehovah wavo ngavarohwe”. This is shocking and very disturbing.
Fellow compatriots, if we could try and ring his daughter-in-law Leya Mnangagwa the wife to Emmerson Mnangagwa jr on these numbers Mobile: +263 772 846181/+263 774 073019 to encourage her to talk to his father-in-law about this, maybe Ngwena will listen. Pamwe anganyarewo. Leya is the owner of Ace Travel & Tours located at 119 Josiah Chinamano Avenue
Harare. You can send her a letter to this address. She is very helpful and will listen to your concerns.
Here is Leya Mnangagwa and Emmerson Mnangagwa jr's pictures in case you meet them in the street.

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Red Revolution: This is it!!!!!

30 000++ people attended the MDC-T Star rally at the Zimbabwe Grounds in Highfield on 19/05/2013.

 The quest for change, for a new beginning and for a new Zimbabwe like never seen before.

                                                                      This is it!!!!

Let those who limp, to limp, but we must never allow them to limp onto our hopes, neither shall we allow them to limp into their graves leaving a dejected people, ruined country and the future of our children soiled with infectiuos old donkey dung.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Zimbabwe's political prostitutes: Are they useful idiots?

My fellow compatriots, in the world of politics, we must submit to the fact that there are many political fraudsters who will spew invectives with the hope of relieving themselves of the pangs of frustration and depression in their Sisyphean quest for the fulfillment of some ambition. Thus, we are not surprised in the least by the effusive rendition of threadbare arguments and gossip by Psychology Maziwisa, Jonathan Moyo and Gabriel Chaibva.
We know these types and their appetites and thus threat with scorn their vaunted boast of being the new revolutionaries. These ones are mere political fortune hunters who dabble in catch phrases and inane clich├ęs, making a pretense of knowledge with elementary logic and disjointed arguments! These are the political laggards we have to confront in an effort to interpret our history to the people and give future generations an understanding of what actually transpired and not the inflammatory cavils of delusional wiseacres.
Who does not know Psychology and Jonathan Moyo’s homosexual past save for Chaibva. Jonathan Moyo and Psychology share very similar backgrounds both as political prostitutes and homosexuals.
Without wasting much of my time on this issue, it is in the public domain that Psychology was a wife to the late Peter Roebuck. On the other hand Jonathan Moyo was allegedly to have been in a romantic relationship with Alum Mpofu who he brought to ZBC. Psychology and Jonathan are well known political turncoats who only yesterday were castigating and vilifying Mugabe left, right and centre. As we know with all prostitutes, Mugabe only needed to dangle a few carats of diamonds from Chiadzwa before the two were ready to sell their conscience.
One can spurn these pretenders who fawn before anyone with power or money, but one thing must be taken into account: the nonsense they write will find a way into the gossip mill for a short time and become the talk of those who have never taken the time to find out the truth. Against this background, we must offer a critique, scathing and merciless against these boastful nonentities with their “Mickey mouse” logic and rabid rhetoric. This is our task and this is what we will now set out to do!
These Zanu PF maggots belong to that category of empty braggarts, purblind in their grasp of historical developments and desperate to become politically relevant by commenting on things of which they are ignorant. These are the political dregs of our society who now and again throw up platitudes and absurdities which they think constitute knowledge. These charlatans, who have mouths bigger than their brains and thus talk and write before they think, are more comedians than serious political analysts.
These Zanu PF misfits have been attacking the person of Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai who is inevitably going to be their Head of State without any basis. Jonathan Moyo has even gone to the extent of recruiting internationals players in vilifying PM Tsvangirai, such as Zanu PF apologists, Itayi Garande, George Shire and Mduduzi Mathuthu (UK) and the clueless Reason Wafawarova (Aussie).
The likes of Psychology, Jonathan, Chaibva and other mercenaries of the pen who gate-crashed onto the murderous bandwagon of the Zanu PF very late in the orgy of bloodletting only know what Mugabe tells them. They have forgotten the aphorism that for a man who murders and steals, lying is child's play. The question is whether they believe these lies or are blinded by greed and cannot see through the deviousness of Mugabe! They do not know the lies told to the Zimbabwe by the fugitive from Gukurahundi justice. They do not have the foggiest notion of the torture and mutilation of opposition supporters in 2008 who had expressed disagreement with the antics of the Zvimba hoodlum – Robert Mugabe.
It is obvious that in a situation where elements of the camp of backwardness, reaction and arrogance have to choose between social transformation and barbarism, they will opt for the latter. This is clear to us; for it is obvious that a minority backward group can only uphold its privilege, arrogance and domination by brute force.
These poor flunkies who write trash for Mugabe will awake one day to find that he is no longer the Head of State, but a human rights fugitive suitable for Hague. We pity them because we understand why they write the pile of garbage: they have to eat. This is the sad fate of men and women who must sell their consciences and souls in order to survive in a country of mass poverty and hopelessness. Consider a very stupid and an imbecile lawyer who, in his state of lunacy vow that and I quote: “If the choice were to be made between dying for President Mugabe and living in a Morgan Tsvangirai-led Zimbabwe, I would gladly choose the former”. This assertion is very sad, very sad that Psychology’s acquaintances need to take serious measures to see to it that this misguided lunatic has been psychologically rehabilitated.
Let me conclude by reminding these social outcasts that, we are ever ready to engage in these debates to show how we differ from the political rascals with their unconscionable and unprincipled approach to the struggle for social justice in our country. As such, I will continue to expose these social parasites and carpetbaggers for they are adept at concealing their true nature and intentions under rhetoric picked up by accident.
Imboitai tione!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Why did they kill him part 2: re-writing history

                                         Mukoma Charles Tazvishaya aka Lovemore Mawisa

They fought the liberation war together side by side, they won the war together side by side and then suddenly the other one turned absolutely nasty.  Nasty in the sense that he felt threatened by his comrade's intellect perfected by a combination of being a war veteran and youthful.
Charles Tazvishaya aka Lovemore Mawisa, was one of Zimbabwe’s best young intellects who served as a personal advisor to Mugabe after independence. He also served as the deputy secretary (Minister of State – Defence) working alongside Ernest Kadungure.

Sadly 6 years after marrying his wife Rugare Tazvishaya, those who were working with him plotted to kill him for the best reason known to them. In 1986 he was assassinated following orders from his boss. Mukoma Charles survived gunshot wound to the head from assassins who fired bullets at him whilst he was in his bedroom. He then died in Parirenyatwa Hospital a fortnight later, after his medical drip was detached from the source medication.

His death was never investigated. It is alleged that Charles, attempted to commit suicide following a domestic dispute involving another woman he was allegedly seeing. Far from it, the facts on the ground pointed to the man residing at state house who for some reasons considered Charles a threat. Some argue that being a colleague of Mugabe greatly increases your chances of an early death.

There was also a great deal of controversy over the denial of hero status to Charles Tazvishaya who was a celebrated ex-combatant and former secretary to Mugabe. To the much surprise of the Tazvishaya family and those who had worked with him during the liberation war and after, Mugabe adamantly refused to have him accorded a national hero status.

Mukoma Charles was son in-law to David Parirenyatwa who is a brother to Rugare. Until today no one knows whether David had any prior knowledge to this devilish assassination, but he was later to be appointed as a minister.

                                                                  Rugare Tazvishaya

 Ever since, Rugare Tazvishaya’s life changed. This is what she had to say “I lost my husband in 1986 whom I was married to for six years with two beautiful girls. My life changed then and I was giving up on life and my kid’s life also changed due to this. A workmate noticed this and told me about Christ. I received Christ in 1989 and my life changed.  I was able to face life and go on leaving my kids life also changed because there was peace happiness and victory in my life. I have had a life of peace in the lord halleluiah.

Rugare soldiers on with her life looking after her two daughters, Chipo and Paidamoyo. Paidamoyo is now an accomplished lawyer in South Africa.


Monday, May 6, 2013

The Undisputed Next President of Zimbabwe

                                   Sekuronga kwazvaitwa pasi nekudenga. Hezvoo ukoo!!!!!


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Donkey-like tendencies

How can an impartial Police force arrest someone for metaphorically likening Mugabe to and old donkey? Every Zimbabwean knows that Mugabe behaves like an old stubborn donkey and this has been the case since the early 90s. Now it has got worse with age and his old donkey tendencies has irked not only his disciples but the generality of the Zimbabwean population.

I was browsing through the internet when I came across this comment and I thought I should copy it and paste it on here. The comment says:


If Mugabe purports to be the people's choice, a democratically elected president then its high time he started listening to and embracing reviews of his performances from the electorate who happen to be his bosses. We pay taxes; we vote, that makes us the bosses and employers of all government officials. Any employee must subordinate to their employers. What gives Mugabe the right to perform dismally at his job but remain unfired? If his performance in office has been like what other people have seen exhibited by donkeys then they have every right to make comparisons and draw parallels. The onus is on Mugabe to drop the donkey-like tendencies and start listening to the electorate. The electorate has said it loud and clear for a long time now that Mugabe must go, as stubborn as he is like a donkey he has failed to heed peoples calls (gynaacologist 2013)


As old has he is and as stubborn as an old donkey as he is, remaining in offices defies all moral principles and simple teachings that promotes progressiveness and allows other human being to excel. Agents, what are we going to tell our children? Are we going to tell our children that the reason why your 90 year old grandfather is at the helm is because he is the only fit and capable person to rule Zimbabwe? Are we going to tell our kids that the reason why their country is run down by geriatrics is that no one can stand up to them. We are a generation that is going to go down in history as a laughing stock, not only of our kids, but the international community. If we do not manage to get Mugabe out of office come the elections, we will have failed as a generation and we will have failed the posterity.

You and me tine basa. We are not going to rest untill we get there. Resting is not an option.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Murewa for change, a new era on the horizon. Hezvoo!!!!!!

Defending Zimbabwe, Defending its Resources, Defending Human Dignity. The best way to Defend it is to kill Zanu PF once and for all. Lets all Register to Vote tiine tariro. I travelled the areas in Mashonaland East yesterday, Hoyuyu, Karimazondo, Mutize, Mukarakate, Dombwe, Katiyo, Nyamapanda and Kotwa in particular. The support is so overwhelming and touching. Hanzi "Jairosi itai zvamuri kuita iko...ko tinemi". One old woman wept, I think she is in her 80s, she lament "asi musazotisiya tichipondwa vanangu". The moment she said that my heart sunk, I felt really moved. I began to question myself the real meaning and purpose of politics, especially African politics. Why do we have to kill, why do we have to maim, why do we have to rape and why do we have to cause such a psychological catastrophy?

The psychological damage done to our rural supporters is worrying and they need immediate rehabilation before the next election. Even when I got home wearing my MDC-T shirt and baseball cap, ambuya wangu was very frightened and wary. She said "muzukuru anoda kupisisa musha wasekuru wako nemagabenga here. Unoziva kuti musha wekwaMashaire wakaparara, sekuru wako Jonathan Mangwende waida kuvauraya nenyaya yaWard Nezi, Saka usaita kunge unopenga". Tinoziva wakadya mabhuku chaizvo asi handiwo angatidziirire kumagabenga. I had never seen my grandmother so furious, never.

I had to calm her down and talk to her giving her reassurence that everything is going to be different this time around, even though I was not very sure of my promise to her knowing the nature of Zanu PF. I then told her that, if needs be, "I will die defending you gogo". I am sure these words struck her deep that she started sobbing. My whole journey yesterday was rather momentous but very emotional.

Fellow agents of change, you and me need to go back to our rural home, sit our relatives down around a fire place and start this intense family theraupetic relationship in trying to rehabilitate them politically and psychologically. Go home wearing your MDC-T suit, proud and standing tall in it. The right to political affiliation is not negotiated, but it is a birth right.

Yours truly

The Heir to the Mangwende Chieftainship

Maita Gono, Maita Moyo Muzukuru, VaNhowe warere Bokoto

Majaira Jairosi