Saturday, May 4, 2013

Donkey-like tendencies

How can an impartial Police force arrest someone for metaphorically likening Mugabe to and old donkey? Every Zimbabwean knows that Mugabe behaves like an old stubborn donkey and this has been the case since the early 90s. Now it has got worse with age and his old donkey tendencies has irked not only his disciples but the generality of the Zimbabwean population.

I was browsing through the internet when I came across this comment and I thought I should copy it and paste it on here. The comment says:


If Mugabe purports to be the people's choice, a democratically elected president then its high time he started listening to and embracing reviews of his performances from the electorate who happen to be his bosses. We pay taxes; we vote, that makes us the bosses and employers of all government officials. Any employee must subordinate to their employers. What gives Mugabe the right to perform dismally at his job but remain unfired? If his performance in office has been like what other people have seen exhibited by donkeys then they have every right to make comparisons and draw parallels. The onus is on Mugabe to drop the donkey-like tendencies and start listening to the electorate. The electorate has said it loud and clear for a long time now that Mugabe must go, as stubborn as he is like a donkey he has failed to heed peoples calls (gynaacologist 2013)


As old has he is and as stubborn as an old donkey as he is, remaining in offices defies all moral principles and simple teachings that promotes progressiveness and allows other human being to excel. Agents, what are we going to tell our children? Are we going to tell our children that the reason why your 90 year old grandfather is at the helm is because he is the only fit and capable person to rule Zimbabwe? Are we going to tell our kids that the reason why their country is run down by geriatrics is that no one can stand up to them. We are a generation that is going to go down in history as a laughing stock, not only of our kids, but the international community. If we do not manage to get Mugabe out of office come the elections, we will have failed as a generation and we will have failed the posterity.

You and me tine basa. We are not going to rest untill we get there. Resting is not an option.

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