Saturday, June 1, 2013

The battle for Tsholotsho is now on.

             The man who betrayed the Tsholotsho electorate: Chameleon Jonathan Moyo

We, in the MDC-T must apologise unreservedly to the people of Tsholotsho for not fielding a candidate from a political party that they identify with. The reason why the people of Tsholotsho voted for Jonathan Moyo is because we left them with no option but to vote for him as an independent candidate. They had the option to vote for a Zanu PF candidate or the other faction of MDC, but they rejected them. They did not want to be associated with these political parties.

The worst tragedy came when this political prostitute woke up one day on a Sunday summer morning in an orgy of erotic orgasm, only to break the chilling news that he was rejoining Zanu PF. My goodness, that sucks. This served as a true testimony to the fact that there is a sucker born every minute. How can you do that to the electorate that voted for you as an independent and did not want to identify with Zanu PF. This was a betrayal and a fraud of its own kind.

The people of Tsholotsho, we now have a candidate for you in Roselyn Nkomo, a female candidate for that matter. A candidate that will serve you without fear or favour and bear in mind that women are more trustworthy, less corruptible, and more in touch with everyday concerns.

Jonathan Moyo’s past is littered with brutality, fraud and corruption. Only a few years ago he was dragged to court for fraud by the Ford Foundation for siphoning US$108 000. He was also investigated by Zanu PF for prejudicing the State of more than $68 million, as well as using the State-owned Agricultural Rural Development Authority (ARDA) to provide free labour at a farm in Umguza owned by his mother, Ms Irene Ndlovu.

In a massive farm grab spree, Jonathan Moyo snatched a dozen farms, thanks God to the late John Landa Nkomo who later wrote a letter to him demanding that he surrenders some of the farms back. Still Jonathan retained three farms namely Little Connemara 1 Farm, Patterson Farm and Lot 3A Dete Valley Farm which he fraudulently gave to his mother. The other farms were registered in his wife Beatrice Moyo and his sister Jacqueline Mayers’s names as directors.

This is not the Zimbabwe we want where thieves become Members of Parliament, where corrupt and fraud individuals become law makers.  History has taught us lessons and never again shall we allow this to happen. Roselyn Nkomo will stand side by side with the people of Tsholotsho and will save them from this Jonathan menace.  

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