Monday, May 13, 2013

Why did they kill him part 2: re-writing history

                                         Mukoma Charles Tazvishaya aka Lovemore Mawisa

They fought the liberation war together side by side, they won the war together side by side and then suddenly the other one turned absolutely nasty.  Nasty in the sense that he felt threatened by his comrade's intellect perfected by a combination of being a war veteran and youthful.
Charles Tazvishaya aka Lovemore Mawisa, was one of Zimbabwe’s best young intellects who served as a personal advisor to Mugabe after independence. He also served as the deputy secretary (Minister of State – Defence) working alongside Ernest Kadungure.

Sadly 6 years after marrying his wife Rugare Tazvishaya, those who were working with him plotted to kill him for the best reason known to them. In 1986 he was assassinated following orders from his boss. Mukoma Charles survived gunshot wound to the head from assassins who fired bullets at him whilst he was in his bedroom. He then died in Parirenyatwa Hospital a fortnight later, after his medical drip was detached from the source medication.

His death was never investigated. It is alleged that Charles, attempted to commit suicide following a domestic dispute involving another woman he was allegedly seeing. Far from it, the facts on the ground pointed to the man residing at state house who for some reasons considered Charles a threat. Some argue that being a colleague of Mugabe greatly increases your chances of an early death.

There was also a great deal of controversy over the denial of hero status to Charles Tazvishaya who was a celebrated ex-combatant and former secretary to Mugabe. To the much surprise of the Tazvishaya family and those who had worked with him during the liberation war and after, Mugabe adamantly refused to have him accorded a national hero status.

Charles Tazvishaya aka Lovemore Mawisa (left) Josiah Magama Tongogara (centre) John George Mayowe aka Robert Mandebvu (right). Please note that Tongogara and Mayowe were accorded national heroes status.

Mukoma Charles was son in-law to David Parirenyatwa who is a brother to Rugare. Until today no one knows whether David had any prior knowledge to this devilish assassination, but he was later to be appointed as a minister.

                                                                  Rugare Tazvishaya

 Ever since, Rugare Tazvishaya’s life changed. This is what she had to say “I lost my husband in 1986 whom I was married to for six years with two beautiful girls. My life changed then and I was giving up on life and my kid’s life also changed due to this. A workmate noticed this and told me about Christ. I received Christ in 1989 and my life changed.  I was able to face life and go on leaving my kids life also changed because there was peace happiness and victory in my life. I have had a life of peace in the lord halleluiah.

Rugare soldiers on with her life looking after her two daughters, Chipo and Paidamoyo. Paidamoyo is now an accomplished lawyer in South Africa.


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