Monday, March 25, 2013

Could someone explain James and Saviour Kasukuwere's relationship?

ZAYE must be investigated for corruption and nepotism. Its costing the tax payers’ hard earned income. Consider this; James Pande believed to be Saviour Kasukuwere’s boyfriend is living a lavish life style with showers of presents coming from the later in form of cars and positions of influence. James Pande is the deputy president of Zimbabwe Entrepreneurs Youth Action .

 Below are exclusive pictures of James Pande and Kasukuwere's affair

James seen here with a fleet of his top of the range cars given to him as a present.
In his X5 bought by the Minister of Youth
Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment
James with one of his BMWs
James, boyfriend Kasukuwere and Mugabe
An unknown person, Saviour and James
Tax payers' money at work: Soldiers called in to do some work at James Pande's grandmother's funeral
One of the soldiers with James: The soldier appears to be politically addressing the mourners. The question is; why did the soldiers have to attend James' grandmother's funeral and who sanctioned them?
James, Rushwaya, Saviour

Picture of James and a Private Jet hired for him by Kasukuwere's ministry at the expense of the tax payers

James can be seen relaxed aboard a private jet.




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foward with people like James Pande,he is an example of a hardworking,creative youngman who is very patriotic...keep on with the Hovhorosi $tyle.....and keep on supporting what gives you and family bread on the table....

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